About the Artist:

John Gordon is an artist based out of Denver, Colorado, specializing in portraiture and realistic drawings. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in finance from Purdue University, John moved from his home in rural Indiana to Colorado to further pursue his career. While his background is in finance, his passion has always been, and always will be, art. With his drawings he works to preserve memories, capture relationships, and illustrate meaningful moments. With a belief that great art, and images that capture stories, should be available to everyone he works hard to provide affordable custom drawings to his clients. He is an artist by trade, an art aficionado since birth, and is devoted to bringing great art to more people. For more information on affordable custom drawings visit his contact page here.

Artist Statement:

Art has the rare ability to halt time. A drawing can transport you, reunite you with lost friends, it can represent the past, peer into the future, or even connect you to moments you never had. I am an artist because I have witnessed the effects of great art. I have reverted back to my childhood through a Norman Rockwell painting, I have studied the Spanish Inquisition through Goya, marched beside Napoleon via Jacques Louis David. I hope to continue the tradition of representing moments and memories through art. I offer affordable custom drawings as a way to ensure that no matter the memory, or the person, important moments will endure through art.

Affordable Custom Drawings:

For more information on commissioning work please contact John here. For examples of past custom drawings, and a better sense of both the range and size of drawings available feel free to view his portfolio here. For any other inquiries you can connect with John through his contact page or by email. In your email please include the image you are interested in having commissioned, and any other relevant information.