After endless inspections, bidding wars, and negotiations you and your client have sealed the deal. You’ve found the perfect house, sold a bungalow in a sleepy neighborhood, or snagged the top bid for a palatial masterpiece in the midst of the city. To celebrate big sells and big buys, and to ensure long-lasting and positive relationships with top clients, present them with closing gifts they won’t forget.


Closing gifts are traditional in the realm of real estate, but transparent gifts branded with corporate logos or generic gifts like placards and banners often show self-interest rather than genuine appreciation. When done well, client gifts can build a strong relationship between you and your client, ensuring future business and word-of mouth referrals. Gifts should be memorable and have value both to you and your clients.


Buying a new home is a significant moment in anyone’s life and a drawing can help preserve that memory for years to come. Help your client recapture a sense of nostalgia, remember a childhood home, celebrate their new digs, or memorialize a significant place. Custom drawings by John are exquisitely detailed, personalized, and special requests can be accommodated. Regardless of where you are, or the price range of homes you’re selling, a custom drawing makes for the ideal client gift. Your gift will be the first item your client hangs in their new home and will be the perfect representation of a momentous occasion and your work together.


Commissioned drawings can vary in size, medium, price, and materials. If you’re interested in commissioning a piece as a closing gift but are looking for something other than a drawing of a home, feel free to peruse John’s complete portfolio here. For more information on pricing and process feel free to contact John through his contact page, or by emailing him directly here.