RedditGetsDrawn Portrait Drawing by John Gordon Art

About This Piece:

The above is a portrait drawing of user / beverbutts on RedditGetsDrawn.  I chose to draw her because I wanted to try new lighting and contrast techniques with charcoal.  The pattern of the sunlight on her face proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated.  Lighting is always tough, but the subtleties in this lighting forced me to spend more time getting the shading right in the surrounding areas.  I used charcoal pencils and blending stumps to draw this.  It was drawn on 9×12-inch Strathmore 300 Series drawing paper.

About RedditGetsDrawn:

RedditGetsDrawn is a community for people who want to get drawn and artists who want to draw them!  Anyone can post a photo of themselves or a loved one, and artists like me may choose to turn that photo into artwork.  Everything is done on a volunteer basis, and there is no guarantee that a person’s image will be chosen by an artist.  Different people use RedditGetsDrawn for different reasons.  I use it as a way to sharpen my skills, try out new mediums, and experiment with different techniques, all while providing high-quality custom artwork to those who may not otherwise have access to it.

About the Artist:

John Gordon is an artist based out of Denver, Colorado, specializing in portraiture and realistic drawings. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in finance from Purdue University, John moved from his home in rural Indiana to Colorado to further pursue his career. While his background is in finance, his passion has always been, and always will be, art. With his drawings he works to preserve memories, capture relationships, and illustrate meaningful moments. With a belief that great art, and images that capture stories, should be available to everyone he works hard to provide affordable custom drawings to his clients. He is an artist by trade, an art aficionado since birth, and is devoted to bringing great art to more people. For more information on affordable custom drawings visit his contact page here.

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